giovedì, luglio 07, 2005

Hold tight London/post in aggiornamento

Notizie aggiornate da Londra su Europhobia.
(via Chicken Yoghurt).
Adesso anche sul blog del Guardian.
Project nothing! mette insieme un po' di fonti e di notizie.
Altri aggiornamenti sul sito della BBC.
E poi c'è Wikipedia.
The London Bomb Blasts Pool su Flickr.
Liveblogging anche da
Kinja digest.
Surviving a terrorist attack.

Commenti del giorno:
"It's probably the French" (

"Tomorrow's Daily Mail:
Asylum Seeker Terror Attacks Hit House Prices"
(Shot by both sides)

"No one has told the Big Brother housemates, have they?"
the journal of flaming kitties
"And then there was a very gentle boom.
We all screamed a little, like people on a slow rollercoaster, and then relaxed and smiled. Some of us giggled with relief. Whatever that was, it wasn't us.
Only when biking in, listening to Radio 5's brilliant coverage, did I realise I'd heard the bus bomb go off in Tavistock Square.
Tavistock Square is actually dedicated to peace. It's got a lovely garden with statues of peacemakers and pacifists."
Skip's Acorn Treasury

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