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This sucks

Avevo preso alcuni appunti per un post crudele intitolato American Idiots (subliminal mindfuck America), confidando nel fatto che difficilmente gli Stati Uniti si sarebbero risentiti in blocco delle mie invettive, soprattutto se espresse in italiano, e che i Green Day non mi avrebbero fatto causa per i diritti. Poi il server di Blogger è stato giù tutto il giorno, ho avuto delle cose da fare, e infine ho deciso di girare un po' su Blogspot per vedere come mai il famoso server fosse giù (avevo una mia idea).
Ci stavano scrivendo in molti, in effetti.
E il risultato è che, dopo aver letto, copiato e incollato da weblog americani presi a caso, il titolo è cambiato, così come il contenuto.
Il risultato è questo.

Thats it America. You and me are done. Over with. I gave you the last four years of my life. I trusted in you to do the right thing. And all you've done is made a complete ass of yourself in front of my friends and my family. They all hate me for loving you. And ya know what? They were right. You had your chance. This was gonna be it, the great awakening. Your last chance for retribution. And you fucking blew it. Fuck you.
Afro Powered Pop Machines

Finally the bottom line: Get wealthy. Get wealthy now, quickly and as selfishly as possible. We really don't care how you do it, but money talks and middle class living walks. Sell Crack, Crystal Meth...whatever (Unless of course you're a minority (shouldn't you be in prison anyway?)) we don't really care. Embezzle funds from your company, lie, cheat or kill, that's fine just as long as you're not an abortion doctor...just kidding you can be that too! But seriously, get a lot of money together, that's the bottom line. If you're hoping for a return to the days of just making enough to have a nice house, and raise your family in a good environment while working a manufacturing, or a managerial job, and then retire on Social then buddy, you're in trouble, and if you don't like it well...
I hear Al-Qaeda's hiring.
Word of the People

Don't forget to exercise your first amendment rights while we still have it. Adios
Line of Fire

I can't believe Bush won. What's wrong with America? This is an absolute travesty.
I demand a recount. Something must be done.
It's just not right, it's not proper.
Who voted for Bush? All the religious zealots and Texas.
Stupid Texas.
I just can't believe this. All I can keep thinking is "but the Red Sox won the world series." Like that was an omen. But alas it was not. It means nothing in the grand scheme of things. We have to find a way to survive another four years of that idiot running the country. Nobody is safe. Well except for the rich and religious zealots, but nobody else.
Man. This sucks.
My Random Life

Of course my coworkers are the types who will be all over me all day sending me emails, calling, and pointing and laughing. Somebody will be hurt today.
Just off Center

Rob just told me he is having a serious crisis of faith in our system. I am not. The system worked. The majority of voters chose the candidate they wanted.
My disillusionment is with my fellow countrymen.
Did I say that out loud?

America it has been a while since Ginsberg last called.
America 48 years 9 months 17 days and what have you learned?
I can stand my own mind.
America when will you end the Iraq war?
Go fuck yourself with your fake elections.
My fingers are too weak to type and I´m too sick to think.
Allen would not write until he was in the right mind.
I do not have that luxury.
America when will you be honest with yourself?

When the country is scared and acting on instinct, the Republicans always win. Save me from the terrorists! Save me from the tax-raising liberals (such crap)! Save me from the Communists! Save me (and my kids) from the gays! That's what makes for Republican victories.
Swine Liar

I am seriously confused about why this election went down the way it did. Did voters not live in the same country that I have for the past four years?
Solid Rubish vol. 3

Congratulations to Dubya for proving the Nazi plan works.
Joe Astropy

I hope that I am wrong about this Bush Administration. I hope that the rest of the country is smarter than me. I fear we are going in the wrong direction. I suspect that we are in for 4 years of war mongering, 4 years of deficit increase, 4 years of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, 4 years of fear tactics and misleading the American people about dangers lurking in the world, 4 years of mishandling intelligence, 4 years of not accepting people who don't look or act like us.

B-b-b-b-ut---the Redskins LOST!
Musty Tv

This is about more than feeling "blue." This is the knowledge that things in this country -- and throughout the world -- will get much worse before they ever get better. Today, the poets are weeping.
Chicago Writer

And it's going to be okay, really. Things right now are scary, no doubt about it. But hey, Germany and Italy are still standing, even though the fascists did their best to cause their societies to implode.
Mouse Words

I know its far fetched. But if you believe, and enough people believe, we may be able to get him yet. Before our citizenship request to Canada is approved.
Political Rants

Any political system where a large portion of the minority vote can be stifled in order to give a political party an edge--or, in the case of the 2000 election, a victory--has something terribly wrong with it. And any democratic social system whose media does not report on the corruption of the electoral process is failing the people who depend on it.
The voice of the people is being taken from them.
What is happening? Why isn't America outraged?
Alternate Perspective

Another four years of the BUSH CORPORATION. Hopefully we can survive it. When things are as bad or worse in the next four years. Those of you that voted for him will have to live with your decision.
Doppler's View

Stockholm Syndrome
It's the only explanation.
Eggplants Smoothie

What we have today is a class war; an intelligence war of the informed versus the ignorant. How do you win that? The masses will always be led by these people so long as the Mark Twain saying about lies traveling the world before the truth puts on its shoes stays with us. For the most part this was the lemming election, with the electorate following the president because of fear and hate.
The Hypocritical Observer

Well on the plus side to the idiot winning the election again, we'll get more Rock against Bush albums.
85 Capri
(Canadian blog)

I just took the test to see if I qualify as a "skilled worker" to immigrate to Canada. You need 67 out of 100 points. I got 67.
See you up North.
Greg the Boyfriend

I really thought that my fellow countrymen were smarter than this. That the people have more compassion and common sense than this. That the people had risen to speak our peace, and in turn bring peace upon us. Apparently it is not to be so.
I feel defeated. and fear is upon me.

The executive branch, both houses of the legislature, and soon the judiciary. Oh yes, strap on your seatbelts, my friends. It is going to be a WIIIIILD RIDE! Yeehaw!

I expected that people would be more concerned with issues on the homefront and insist on reform that would shift our focus from policing a world that doesn't wish to be policed to helping our homeless and giving our children better educations. I. Don't. Get. It. I guess I should be an optimist- only four more years, right? I think I'll go cry now.

I keep watching my dog Gurgi playing in the house, picking up bones, grabbing all his chewtoys, just thrilled at the prospect of spending time with me. Overflowing with unconditional love. Blissfully ignorant of the state of the world.
I think I'm going to go over there and give him a hug.
Bridging the Gap

I would like to say to America that, YOU SUCK!!
Sloth Moss

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